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06 Juli 2009



Hi! It is very pleasant for me to receive letter from you.
I am very glad that you have answered me. I looked profiles be relative dating sait and I have seen you and have decided to write to you. I have been pleasantly surprised, when you have answered me. I know a computer a little, but I badly know
the Internet
and for me it is very complex. I want to speak with you and to learn +much about you.
I think it it will be very interesting to read about you and your life.+I would like
to speak you about me also. My name is Marina. I have been given birth +on July, 25 in 1978.
I'm 30 years old. I live in Russia in city Kirov. I think that I the +young and cheerful woman
with good sense of humour. I was never married also I do not think it a+great problem. I had many attitudes and I had many offers to leave in marriage, but I did not want it at that time. I think that a marriage should be approximately in 30 +years then people have
more reason and experience. My growth is 175 centimeters and my weight +approximately 57 kg. I work as the tutor in children's a garden. I am very similar to the work and I love it. I live with parents and at us very friendly family, they support me in all. I have no any brothers or sisters and it is little bit sad for me. I would like to tell to you about my interests and that is pleasant for me. I like to go in theatre and also to observe cinema, I like to observe
good film.
I like to skate, visit some beautiful places in city, I think that each+person loves
some entertainments. I like is on the nature, for me this silent place +and I do not think
of affairs or personal problems there. I very much like to listen to +music,
and I listen pop, r'n'b, and club music also. I go in for sports some +times in a week.
I visit a swimming pool, it helps me to support my form of a body and +also I do some fitness. I want to tell to you that I search. I search for the friend and can it is more, than the friend. I want to find the person who has other culture and with which my +dialogue will be pleasant.
I am really very glad that you have written to me and I want to learn +you better. I would like that you have told to me in detail about you and I have some questions if you consider the possible answer to them. You have what dreams? What you search on the Internet? You can send me the photo?
It will allow me to see and understand about you better. I also shall tell to you more about myself in the following letter.
I send you the photos. I hope that my letter will not stop you. But if you are not interested in acquaintance to me please inform me,

it is very important for me. I shall wait your letter and your photo with the big impatience. Have good day! Marina!
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